These Five Tips For Smartphone Battery Save!

Currently, Smartphones Rely On Everyone To Do Their Essential Work. Internet Is Equally Necessary And Necessary In Smartphones, And The Use Of The Phone Has Increased. Thus, Phones Need More Battery Life. Mobile Companies Have Recently Added More Battery Capacity To Phones. However, The Battery Life Of Phones Is Much Higher.

Yes, Current Smartphones Have More Than 4,000mAh Of Battery Life. However, The Excessive Use Of Smartphones Diminishes Their Battery Life. In Some Unavoidable Circumstances, There May Be Situations Where The Phone’s Battery Is Running Low. If So, The Phone Battery Life Can Be Maintained By Following The Necessary Steps. So Here Are Some Steps To Save Phone Battery Life.


Use WiFi

Mobile Data Usage For 3G And 4G Internet On Smartphones Using WiFi Consumes 40% Battery Life. So Use WiFi Internet As Much As Possible For Internet Use. The Use Of WiFi Data Does Not Often Consume The Phone’s Battery. It Will Also Work On Android And IPhone Smartphones.


Battery Saving Mode

Battery Saving Mode Features Are Available For Battery Saving On Each Of The Latest Smartphones. Low Power Mode Option Is Available In Android Power Saving Mode And IOS. This Option Reduces The Battery Usage Of Some Of The Phones’ Phones And Helps Save Battery Life.


Reducing Brightness Screen

Brightness is one of the biggest battery washes on smartphones. Reducing brightness on smartphones can save phone battery life. When phones don’t need much brightness, it is best to reduce the screen brightness or set the automatic selection.


No more video viewing

There is no need to use video streaming apps and high video viewing on smartphones so that the phone’s battery is drained quickly. Do not open video apps when it is low on battery and turn off the notification. These will certainly help with battery saving.


Airplane mode

Putting the smartphone into airplane mode can also save battery life. Battery usage is not high when the phone is in airplane mode. Also in Airplane mode, the phone’s GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth services are automatically switched off.

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