These tips will definitely help your smartphone’s safety!

These tips will definitely help your smartphone’s safety: The smartphone is an essential device for everybody today, and most of the personal information is stored in the bank, and the bank information is stored on the smartphone itself. Thus, while smartphone care is important, it is important to set some essential safety features in the privacy setting of the smartphone as well.

Yes, the phone can be secured by using some of the necessary privacy settings available on the smartphone. Smartphone information can be leaked on multiple levels, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and the Internet.

But in a privacy setting, security can be provided by following certain security measures. In today’s article, we will discuss some steps to be taken in the Privacy setting for smartphone security. Read on to learn about them.

Notification access

You have many apps installed on a smartphone. Almost all of them have Notification Option Access enabled. Some of them are not secure, so not all apps require access to the notification. Do not access third-party apps for that purpose and be careful when installing third-party apps.

Apps Permission

When installing apps, almost all apps ask for the data permissions of the phone, the sensor, the location, the camera options. It is best to only give you access to the options that the app needs. Follow the steps of Notification> Apps and Notification> Advanced> App Permission to see what permissions are already installed.

Connected Apps

The G-mail attached to the Google Account is required to install the apps. Some third-party apps are linked to your mail in the downloaded apps. They can be disconnected. Go to Settings> Google> Connected Apps. Follow these steps. You can select the apps you want to disconnect.

WiFi Control

There is a WiFi option on the smartphone. It is common to get internet from other sources using WiFi. But when the scan option is pressed for Wi-Fi connectivity, your location is off, and the location is tracked. Many apps (wifi) are unnecessarily locating track access to disable them. Go to Settings> Notification> Apps and Notification> Advanced> Special Apps Access> WiFi Control. Follow

Software update

Update when asked for a software update on a smartphone. Why Update Software is Important There are many new features available in Update Version. They also have more options for privacy, from a software update to a faster phone function. Update using WiFi or cellular data.