You Must Know These Things Before Charging A Smartphone(2020)

Things before charging a smartphone : Nowadays Smartphones Are An Essential Device For Everyone And Most Of The Work Is Done Through Mobile. Smartphones Need More Battery Life. Mobile Companies In This Segment Are Offering More Battery Capacity On The Latest New Phones. However, Sometimes A Smartphone’s Battery Backup May Feel Low.

Smartphones That Currently Have High-Capacity Battery Life Also Have Fast Charging. Phones Are Durable For Most Of The Day With The Use Of Many Requirements, Including Multimedia.When Should Most Users Charge A Phone In Mind? What To Do When The Battery Is Down? Can A Different Company Charger Be Used? Fast Charger Okay? Many Of These Questions Are Lingering. Here Is The Answer To All Such Questions. Read On.


Don’t Let Battery 

Dry Battery Is The Most Important Part Of A Smartphone. The Battery Life Of The Phone Should Be Kept In Good Condition. The Smartphone Will Not Use The Phone Until The Battery Is Full. Do Not Let The Phone Battery Ever Dry. Charging Is Best When It Is Close To 30%.


Not Hot And Cold

Most Smartphones Today Do Not Get Too Hot And Cold For Lithium-Ion Batteries. So Be Careful When Charging A Smartphone. It Is Best To Follow The Steps When Necessary.


Do Not Use The Phone When Charging

Most People Use The Phone While Charging. Using A Phone While Charging In This Way Can Increase The Risk Of Battery Life. It’s Best Not To Use The Smartphone When Charging.


Never Charge A Full Charge At Once

Keep The Phone Charging When The Smartphone’s Battery Is Full. But Don’t Charge The Phone From 0% To 100% Full Charge. Thus, Zero-To-Full Charge Battery Life Can Be Damaging At Once. Remove Charging When It Is Between 60% To 75% Percent.


How Many Times A Day Should The Phone Be Charged?

That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Charge At Least Once A Day. But Charging Two To Three Times A Day Doesn’t Matter What. Keep The Phone Battery As Close To 60% To 75% As Possible, Even When The Charge Is Inevitable, But Do Not Charge It Repeatedly.


Do So If Charged

Turning Off The Services Such As Location, Wifi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Vibration Mode On A Smartphone Is A Good Way To Add Battery Charging. Turn Off These Services When Charging. Enable These Services Only When Necessary.


No Charge In The Sun

Don’t Let Your Phone Get Hot When Charging A Smartphone. As Mentioned Above, The Lithium Battery On The Phone Is Not Too Hot. This Reduces Battery Life. So It Is Best To Have As Much Room Temperature As Possible.


High-Speed Sd Card

The Latest New Smartphones Offer Greater Internal Storage Capacity. Some Users Also Use Sd Cards Externally For More Memory. Low-Speed Sd Card Usage Can Hamper Phone Performance. Thus The Sd Card Is Capable Of High Speed.


Have An Update

The Os On The Smartphone Is Constantly Updating. Keep Updating When Asked For An Update This Will Keep The Smartphone Up To Speed And The New Features Will Also Be Available. Go To Settings> System> About Phone> System Update.


Home Screen Control

Some People Use Widgets And Live Wallpapers On A Smartphone, But This Will Definitely Reduce Phone Speed With The Loss Of Smartphone Battery Life. So Don’t Use Too Many Widgets And Live Wallpapers On The Home Screen Unnecessarily.


Background Apps

Many Apps Have Been Installed On The Smartphone. Some Of Them Are Minimized Using Apps. So They Are Running In The Background. Breaking Into Apps That Run This Background Also Accelerates The Performance Of The Smartphone.


Auto Sync-Sync

Auto-Sync Option Is Usually Enabled On Smartphones. It Is Also More Likely To Cause A Slowdown In The Phone. Thus Users Have To Stop The Auto Sync Option. The Auto Sync Option Can Be Stopped In The Smartphone Setting.

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