Tired Of Online Advertising? Here’s The Solution ..!

Are You Bored With Online Advertising? Except For Privacy Reasons, Online Ads Expose Your Browsing Habits To Others. Yes, As You Might Imagine, Many People Have More Control Over What Ads Are Viewed Online. Certain Types Of Ads Can Be Blocked If Possible.

Here’s A Look At How To Block Online Ads On Google, Facebook And Websites Altogether.


Ad Control On Google 

Step 1: First, You Need To Have A Google Account, Sign In To A Google Account, And Then You Will See Several Management Sections. The First Of These Is Privacy And Personalization. In This Block, Select The Manage Your Information And Personalization Option.

Step 2: Next, The New Window Will Give You Plenty Of Options For Privacy. Go To Ad Personalization For Ads Control And Select Ad Settings There.

Step 3: You Will Find A Large Ad Personalization Setting With A Single Switch That Says Ad Personalization Is On. After Simply Turning It Off, Google Will Stop Tracking Your Ads.

Step 4: Below The Ad Personalization Switch, You’ll See A Long List Of Brands, Topics And Industries Gathering Information About Yourself On Google. If You Do Not Want To Completely Turn Off Ad Personalization, You Can Click On Any Of The Categories To Continue Viewing The Ad Of A Particular Company / Sector.


Ad Control On Facebook 

Step 1: Another Big Company That Allows Specific Ad Controls Is Facebook. Select The Arrow That Appears In The Menu Section Of Facebook, Then Select Settings From The Dropdown Menu. 

Step 2: Then, In The Settings Menu, Select The Ads Section, Which Is Under The Menu.

Step 3: You Are Now In The Ad Preferences Menu. It Has Many Different Sections About Your Facebook Activity And Ads. There You Will Find Many Different Advertising Information Such As “Advertisements Based On Partner Data”. Select The Dropdown Menu That Allows You To Change Where Ad Data Is Not Allowed. Change Your Preferences For Each Section As You Wish.

Step 4: You Can Also Visit The Section That Hides Advertising Content. This Allows You To Hide Specific Ads For A Specific Period Of Time Or Permanently Depending On Your Needs. Currently, The Only Things Available To Block Are Alcohol, Parenting, And Pets. Facebook May Add More Content To This Section In The Future.

Ad Control With Ad Blocker Advertisements Are Coming From Other Websites While Browsing The Internet, Such As Google, Facebook. For That, The Ad Blocker Plugin Must Be Installed In The Browsers. There, You Can Continue To See Ads On The Sites You Want. Or It Can Be Blocked.

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