Two Best Tricks That Most WhatsApp Users Don’t Know !

Two Best Tricks That Most WhatsApp Users Don’t Know: What is often bothersome to many people using WhatsApp is the high resolution of sending high-quality photos and not knowing the option to send more files at once. This is because when sending photos on WhatsApp, the quality photos clicked on the cameras are compressed, not the clicked photo on the mobile phone.

Even if you have the option of sending more than one file in a single folder, you may unwittingly send tens of thousands of images or videos. So, let us find a solution to these two problems in today’s article. It’s easy to send high-resolution photos on WhatsApp, so you can send high-resolution photos without compressing them.

Most of the photos you send have a .jpg extension. So, change the filename of the photos you send. Change this .jpg file to .doc. For example, if the file name is cat.jpg, replace it with cat.doc and send it. Tell the receiver of this file to change the filename to .jpg. This is a high-resolution photo that will not lose any quality.

Similarly, when sending more than one file, send Zip File. In the File Manager or on your mobile, click the My Files folder, and select more than one file. When you click on the More option on the right, there is the Move, Copy, Compress, Details option. create zip File – Name the zip file in the option. As soon as you press the Compress option, the zip file will be created.

Once the zip file is created, select the zip file and click on share. After whom, the options to share are displayed. This way you can solve your problems using two tricks that most WhatsApp users don’t know. Is this enough to help you? Share and help others.