8 Types of skin cancer and Best tips to avoid them

Skin cancer

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skin cancer
All of us have come to know about  cancer today because many people are suffering from this dangerous disease and this number is increasing day by day. There is also a skin cancer from many types of cancer which arises due to other reasons. One of the main causes of skin cancer is to spend more time in the sun’s rays.
The people who have weakened the immune system may be due to skin cancer, UV rays coming from the sun.
There are two types of skin cancer, one is melanoma and the other is non melanoma. Non-melanoma starts with squamous cells or bushel cells.
These are found on the outer layer of the skin and hence it is easy to cure them. Due to the sun’s rays, these light cancers can be produced on face, back, ears, lips and others.
Skin Cancer is not a fatal disease in today’s world because medical science has gained such a great impetus that people can get rid of different types of cancers. The treatment of skin cancer, which is being shown, is possible. But even cancer cells can spread farther on the skin layer, it can be fatal.
It is therefore important that you already know about signs and symptoms of skin cancer. With this, you can start your treatment process immediately and prevent your cancer cells from growing into your skin.
Check your skin every two months using a full-eyed mirror from head to toe. Examine the location of the between between the buttocks, the nose, the skin of the head, the palm behind the ears, the soles, the genital area, and the buttocks using a small mirror.
Pay attention to each and every skin and focus more attention on the sesame, which can be known about skin cancer.

Types of skin cancerous disease

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  1. Malignant melanoma
  2. Basal cell carcinoma
  3. Squamous cell carcinoma
  4. Skin lymphoma
  5. Skin adnexal tumors
  6. Mercail cell carcinoma
  7. Kaposi sarcoma
  8. Keratoacanthomas

Signs and symptoms of skin cancer

Before knowing about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, first of all, know that skin cancer is of two categories. One is melanoma cancer and the other is non melanoma. Their symptoms are shown below
  • An unusual type of lump on the skin.
  • The sore or lump is not moving away.
  • Firstly the yellow patch on the skin will appear.
  • These are no sensation in the formation of the skin.
  • Its construction does not cause any pain

Signs of skin cancer 

  • A small spots that are sticky, yellowish, and shiny in texture.
  • A red spot that looks strong.
  • Spots from which bleeding came out and which became solid and which looked like sores.
  • The skin will become uncomfortable and scaly.
  • The new skin will not be evolving.
  • Currently changes in skin development
  • A sudden change in skin stimulation such as pain, itching and even softness.
  • A boil is generated which is not easily cured.
  • Changes in skin color
  • Change in mole size
  • Changes in the color of sesame grown on skin
  • The production of mole or lump without any pain on the skin
  • The spread of pigmentation on the skin without any limitation
  • Becoming a dark color around the boil or oil
  • Blood and siege along with changes in lump look.

Tips to prevent skin cancer

  • Use sunscreen: If you are going outwards, apply sunscreen and do not let the sun’s harmful rays fall on you.
  • Use brands and high-quality sunscreens that keep you safe from both harmful rays such as UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Use protective device like top of long sleeves, long trousers, hats and sunglasses to avoid sunlight.
  • Keep watching your skin from time to time.
  • Stop using tobacco
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
  • Do not consume alcohol and alcohol-related substances.
  • Eat more green vegetables, lentils and nutritional food.
  • Keep your body weight balanced.

Tips for Avoiding Skin Cancer

Today people have become more cautious about their health. Because fatal diseases such as cancer are spreading on all sides. Therefore it is very important to know about the suggestions to avoid them. Most people like to adopt natural prescriptions because they are safe and there are no side effects.
Wearing safe clothes 
Skin cancer :So far the scientist has not been able to know about the true cause of cancer. But pollution and dirty can also be a cause. So it would be better to wear clothes that cover your skin as much as possible. Always keep in mind that you have to wear safe clothing to protect your skin from pollution. In this way you will not let the particle of pollution solidify on your skin and you will be protected from the risk of skin cancer.
Avoid Fast Food
Skin cancer :Your food can also be a cause for skin cancer. In today’s era, people eat fast food without any thought / open environment and thus come in contact with pollution and dirt. Not only this, the oil used to make this fast food is harmful too. This can be a cause of skin cancer. If you have to avoid skin cancer, you have to stay away from the fast food you are getting on these streets.
Avoid sun exposure.
Skin cancer :Harmful sun or uv radiation is the main cause of skin cancer, so it is also mandatory to avoid sun or uv rays. Breakfast is very powerful sun rays ranging from 10 to 4 pm and the effects of the harmful rays during this falls on the skin. Therefore, during this time the sun does not come in contact with the rays. Place your appointment between 9 am to 9:30 am or leave the sun after leaving the house ie in the evening.
Treatment of skin cancer from shadow rule
Skin cancer :By looking at the shadow, you should find out whether the sun’s radiation is more effective or light. But many children and people will not know about this theory. To avoid skin cancer, it is imperative that you follow the Shadow Rule. Shadow rule indicates that the less shadow / shadow is the radiation of the same effective sun. When the shade decreases during the day, then the sun does not come in contact.
Get a shade
If you are going out of the house in the day, then it will be better if you live in shade / shed. If you are traveling by public bus, then just wait while waiting for the bus to stand under the shadow of the stand. Do not bring yourself completely under the influence of sun rays. If there is no shadow on the bus stand, then you can use the umbrella or cap to protect your body parts that are not covered with clothes.
Some people have a bad habit that is styled only by wearing sunglasses. But this is not true because sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful rays of the sun. Apart from the eyes, sunglasses can also keep the skin / skin close to your eyes. By wearing sunglasses in this way, you will be able to keep your skin and eyes safe from sun and avoid skin cancer.
Stay away from tanning beds
Diseases of the skin, tourists from Western countries come in Asian countries so that they can come under the sun. They use tanning beds to tanning their skin. They have a habit that they should touch their body parts as much as possible by tanning beds from the sun’s rays. But they do not know that due to this habit they can have skin cancer. It would be better to have the sun’s radiation faster then save yourself from the sun.
Look for skin changes
You should pay attention to your skin that there is no change in your skin in any way. If there is any abscess or lump on your skin that bleeding is coming out, then you should show it to your skin specialist. If there is any change in the shape of your skin or the size and thickness of the lump, then you should check with your skin specialist. You also have to check that the mole that has been made recently on your skin is more than 6 mm in size?
Skin cancer can also be caused by irregularity in the skin or any change in the skin around the lump. You also have to see if the border of your lump is spreading? Observe the color of your sesame, is it black or is a mixture of brown or yellow or other colors? If you look at all these changes on your skin, then you should immediately go to your skin specialist and check them out.

I hope this article on types of skin cancer was useful to you.
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