What if the website is not open ? Simple tips ..!

What if the website is not open: Sitting in front of a web browser means you don’t know how many sites are open at the same time. With unlimited internet access, the number of sites can cross centuries. However, some websites are not open.

There are many reasons why those websites are not open. The site may fail to open due to factors such as a server problem, an expired domain, a redirect problem, and a hosting error. Here are simple tips on how to solve a problem in such cases.

Content problem on the site

If the website you want to visit has content issues, that site won’t open. The government may block such sites if they display obscene or illegal content on the site. Most websites experience this kind of restriction every year.

However, using a VPN to view blocked websites is the norm and you can use VPN, Proxy Server, and Tor browsers.

Server problem

Usually, websites use hosting servers to save their data and present it to users. If there is a problem with these servers, the websites will not open. There are many reasons for a server problem, which can lead to server problems due to power outages, DDOS attacks, and hardware issues. At this point, you have to wait until the website owner resolves the problem.

Browser trouble

A site that is open to your friend, that is not open to you, can remove the web browser you are using. Browser cache, cookies, and certificate errors can prevent the site from opening. Try to fix the problem, reinstall your browser. Also, open the site in a different browser to see if the problem is the browser or not.

Computer problem

Firewall and antivirus software on your computer may block websites. This requires shutting down the firewall system and antivirus software on the computer.

Router shortcomings

The Internet connection is essentially a router. There will be some problems connecting to the website router you want to open. The router needs to be restarted or reconfigured.

DNS cache problem

Many Windows 10 users are having a DNS cache problem that some websites cannot load. You may need to flush the DNS cache to fix this problem. To do this, open the Command Proft software as an admin. Then type ipconfig / flushdns and click on Enter. If you restart your PC then the problem is resolved.

Use different DNS

Every website is searched on the Internet with the help of the DNS server. Sometimes a website will not load when the DNS server does not receive an appropriate response from your browser. Also, the site is not loaded even when the DNS server fails. You will need to transfer to another DNS server for this. This is why there are so many public servers available, Google Public DNS, and Open DNS.

Block the network adapter

PC and laptops have an internet connection with the help of both wireless and wireless network cards. If your computer or laptop continuously uses two cards, many problems can result in blocking websites. Disable network adapters that do not need it. Open Network and Sharing Center settings for this and proceed.