What is E-cigarette and why it is banned

What is E-cigarette

What is E-cigarette

On September 18, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Union Cabinet has decided to ban e-cigarettes. This means that the manufacture, import/export, sale, and advertising of e-cigarettes will be banned completely.

What is E-cigarette and why was it banned?

So, because DCA only accepts a certain type of nicotine for smoking. DCA MANE – Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940. And nicotine used in e-cigarettes is outside this acceptable category. That is, it has been banned in view of the danger associated with e-cigarettes. So in this news, we will talk about the dangers and benefits (if any). Before that, we get to know e-cigarettes.

The End –

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ANDs) are battery-operated devices that use electricity to deliver nicotine to the body. The most commonly used device in this is the e-cigarette. E-cigarette means electronic-cigarette. Its system is very easy. It is made from outside the cigarette shape. For example, an LED bulb is placed at the end, which is not needed, but when it burns, it seems that cigarette tobacco is burning.

The electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. He got the device patented in 2003 and introduced it in the market in 2004. The electronic cigarette does not burn nicotine liquid so it does not create smoke. It heats up and forms steam. Therefore, the drinker draws steam and not smoke.

An e-cigarette has three main parts –
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Nicotine Carcass
  • Evaporation chamber (containing a small heater, which burns energy from the battery and makes nicotine vapor. Smoke not steam)

The main difference between these and common cigarettes is that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. That is, the logic is that you will have all the harm caused by nicotine from e-cigarettes, but there will be no harm from tobacco. Andes and e-cigarettes have often been promoted as a healthy alternative to quitting smoking or tobacco. Of course, they do not contain toxic by-products like ‘wire’ found in cigarettes, but there is no strong evidence that e-cigarettes are beneficial in quitting smoking.

So on the basis of logic only, e-cigarettes of both seem less harmful. Is not it?


Just as people who describe ‘marijuana’ as harmless also believe that it is the entry gate for other drugs, so is the case with e-cigarettes.

That is, even if e-cigarettes are considered less harmful when comparing e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes at a time, we should not forget that this is only in the case of those who have already smoked cigarettes. Those who do not drink find e-cigarettes ‘cool’.And it seems from various surveys that there are fewer people switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes and more people who start their smoking journey with e-cigarettes.

Thousands of flavors of e-cigarettes are available in the market, which motivates them not to give up cigarettes.
Cigarette-making companies are subject to many government-non-governmental health institutions and they are also required to follow strict rules made for them, but the respective institutions are not sure about controlling e-cigarettes. Therefore, they can be arbitrary and the use of dangerous and illegal substances is possible during their manufacture.

An E-cigarette also causes cancer-causing agents

Now, if we do a little more study, we come to know that e-cigarette does not contain only nicotine. It also contains cancer-causing agents, such as formaldehyde. And nicotine alone does no less harm. Which heart, liver, and kidney are more or less harmful for everyone.

Due to all this, Already e-cigarette is banned in many countries like Singapore, Seychelles, and Brazil. Some developed countries like Canada and the US either keep a close watch on it or keep many legal rules on it. There are no rules or measures to control e-cigarettes in many countries of the developing world.

The WHO released a report on the regulation of e-cigarettes last year. In the report, the WHO had demanded a ban on various flavors of e-cigarettes. That is, WHO also believes that these ‘flavors’ will attract youth like magnets towards e-cigarettes.

Motivation –

And when we have come to know the disadvantages of e-cigarettes, now we also know why people are motivated to use it –

  • It comes in many flavors.
  • It is Cheaper Than cigarettes.
  • Some People believe that it is less harmful than cigarettes.
  • In many places, there is no restriction on e-cigarettes where you cannot smoke cigarettes.
  • They do not smell like cigarettes.
  • Some people use it also because they think it will cause cigarette smoking.

Now one more question remains in all the questions asked, whether the cigarette companies want the e-cigarette banned and there is no competition? And so she is pressurizing the government by lobbying?