What to do to avoid the annoyance of Facebook ads ?

What to do to avoid the annoyance of Facebook ads : Everyone knows that Facebook is the source of revenue. As you scroll through the Facebook Timeline, many ads will catch your attention. You may not like many of them and you may like some of them. Together, you need to have Facebook see the ads. But, you don’t have to look at ads that might make you younger.!

Yes, no matter what you do on the internet, it is common for you to see ads on Facebook. In this internet age, everything is related to one another, and all the things you clicked, clicked, and interested in are repeatedly falling into your eye. It’s always an annoying thing. So, you have the option of why a particular ad will appear in your timeline and make it disappear.

This is the option where you can get ads based on what you are interested in. For example, you may see ads in your timeline called ‘Sponsored or Sponsored’ in the Timeline. The reason why they appear in the timeline is due to the click of the menu on the right side of the ad page. You can also make ads that interest you.

Login to Facebook Click Settings and click the Ads section on the left, clicking on your interest will bring up a list of what interests you. For example, say Action Films is display. If this is your question as to why it came up, place the mouse over that topic page. The reason is displayed there. You don’t need this topic.

Now if you click on Advertisers and Businesses. There aren’t just brands you like, but ads will appear based on your shared phone and email account while you’re shopping. You give your phone number when you shop at Reliance. Reliance sells or advertises on your Facebook page if the same phone number is linked to your Facebook page.

Click Ad Settings to avoid advertising annoyance now on Facebook. By clicking this you can control what kinds of ads appear in your timeline or not. The Ad Settings has the option to allow which types of ads are allowed. If you decline permission for this, no specific category ads will appear. Where the temporary or permanent choice is up to you.


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